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My Sneetches Video Response

When I clicked on the watch assignment I had no idea what video I was going to watch or what it was going to be about. Then when the page opened up I was so excited because I love the story about the Sneetches on the beaches by one of the GREATEST children storybook authors Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss was one of my favorite authors when I was very little and he still is to this very day.

In Dr. Suess’s  book The Sneetches there was a very odd race of birds who were so called the Sneetches that lived on the beaches. Some Sneetches had stars upon there stomachs and there were other Sneetches who didn’t have stars upon thars, because some Sneetches have stars upon thars they thought they were better than the Sneetches who didn’t. While “Star-bellied Sneetches” had “Frankfurter roasts and marshmallow toasts” they kept the “Plain-bellied Sneetches” cold on the beaches. Then one day out of the blue there came a man who brought a machine and offered the “Plain-bellied Sneetches” a star upon thars for the price of three dollars each. Even when I was three years old I knew where this story was headed. Once the “Star-bellied Sneetches” saw what the new “Star-bellied Sneetches” they wanted to be different and more superior since they were the original “Star-bellied Sneetches” so the man offered to take there stars away for just ten dollars each. Once the Sneetches saw what happened they all started running into the man’s machines in and out, on and off and soon enough all of the Sneetches ran out of money and the man packed away the machines and left laughing with all of the Sneetches money. In the end none of the Sneetches could remember whether they originally had stars upon thars or not. On that day the Sneetches got smart and realized that there was no such thing as the best Sneeches on the beaches after all. That’s why I liked this book so much, because I learned that it doesn’t matter who or what you look like, in the end we are all the same.

In Language Arts 8 on 9/13/13 we discussed a lot of things towards discrimination and that word is exactly the word that describes the moral of this story. The “Star-bellied Sneetches” thought the “Plained-bellied Sneetches” were not as special as them and so they treated them that way, and that’s why the Sneetches were so eager to pay the man with the machine and change their features that made them who they are. They were so eager to be equal with the original “Star-bellied Sneetches” that they didn’t pay any attention to what they used to look like and how much money they were spending to change.

My personal response to this story written by Dr. Seuss is positive because it teaches young minds about discrimination without them knowing it. Whenever I heard the word discrimination, the first words that pops into my head are “Ha! The Sneetches”. This is why I think this wonderful children’s book is so great because it really made a difference in my life and I know it did the same to others.


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