14 Nov

Written in the Stars Poem (Parody)

by Tristan & Luke

Written in the stars

Not that far away

Why is my plane so delayed


Minutes never end

They will never change

I’m really here to stay

Come on lets go

I’m just sitting here

They said it won’t take a while

That they will take off not long from now

Cause they got to fix the engine I’m like really, wow

Why can’t they hurry up brrrrraps, brrrrraps

Man I’m in first class fully white despite

I ask questions over the complicated plane flight

Now I’m yellin at them with enthusiastic verbal attacks

Look at the time and the map

I feel like here is a death trap

I can hear the loudness of my heart beat

“Miss can I please get out of my seat.”

She replied, “Hold on I’ll be right back.”

Consumed by time, why aren’t we on track

People worked hard just to get here

Now they’re waiting, waiting like a sitting duck

Who the hells got any sanity left

It feels like we are the people no one cares about

That’s why you have to keep screaming ’til they hear you out

Written in the Stars Poem (Parody)

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One response to “Written in the Stars Poem (Parody)

  1. tristanislaughing

    November 22, 2013 at 2:28 am



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